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  • bumper-sticker-9
    ELECTION 2016
    10/27/2016   // 0 Comments

    Wouldn’t you love to have a car that fits your whole family comfortably and never needs gas? Look in

  • 5vSyO.Em.56
    Prosecuting Persecution
    07/16/2013   // 0 Comments

    A travesty.  A tragedy.  A search for justice.  In the aftermath of the trial of George Zimmerman fo

  • 4_richard-nixon
    Crime Spree
    07/06/2012   // 0 Comments

    Republicans always sound like they're selling porn, partly because their behavior is disgusting to t

  • babies
    Knock-up the GOP
    03/15/2012   // 0 Comments

    War is hell.  Republican lawmakers who swept to power masquerading as sober statesmen are blitzing t