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Fake Santorum

Rick Santorum must denounce all medicine or drop the God and pony show.  Radicalized Republicans like Santorum have too long had a free pass on their convictions of convenience by cherry-picking their creator’s work for power and influence.  If all God’s work is sacred then penicillin is murder.  Cancer screening is as antithetical to faith as is abortion.  Santorum must embrace Gingivitis or forever shut up. (more…)

1000 Day Falsehood

The democratic Senate under President Obama has not passed a budget in 1000 days.  This is a rallying cry for today’s GOP desperate to find fault in Obama’s leadership.  Is it true or false?  Or both?  April 29, 2009 was indeed the last budget passed by Obama’s Democratic Senate, more than 1000 days and counting.    While the statement is true, what it implies is cravenly false. (more…)

Romney Catching On

Hooray Mr. Romney, you got it right.  The President is dividing the country.  He is making an intentional distinction between the section of our population earning less than $20m per year and those who are.  Americans whom he was duly elected to represent.  He’s splitting hairs between 99.99 percent of us and everyone else.  He is shamelessly demagoguing for the 299,997,000 of us who have not bought special rules from Congress.  He is tearing us apart, 99.9 to 1. (more…)

Newt's Outrage

Hard to argue with Candidate Gingrich on this one.  “Your ex-wife said bad things about you would you care to comment”, is indeed beneath the gravity of a Presidential debate.  We at Cement Canary would like to rephrase the question, and would love to have you add suggestions.  We’ll take the best ones and seek to have Mr. Gingrich answer them.

Our submission is this: (more…)

News Snow Job

Make it stop!  One full week to date Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain coverage has been everything about what he may or may not have said two decades ago, and nothing of what insanity he said today.  Cain is a lightweight as a statesman, but a closer look reveals that he is the front man for very successful ultra-right-wing political activist billionaires, which makes his political apparatus very heavyweight indeed. (more…)


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