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If establishment Republicans and Conservatives want to stop Trump this is what they can do:


Dear Loyal Voters,
The time has come when we write a heartfelt ‘mea culpa’ and beg your forgiveness. This Republican field is a result of generations of betrayal by the institutions you have followed and supported. We have failed you. The current state of our politics is a predictable result of the kinds of misinformation and character assassination we have engaged for too long, and we must now both apologize and correct the record.

We are guilty of placing our party before our nation. Our disdain for opposition has been so severe that we sunk to character attacks, even when we had policy that might have better served you enunciated. When we had no better policy to enunciate, we simply created a plausible contrary reality in order to get our way. You trusted us, and are now convinced of our fraudulent politics. We pitted you against fellow Americans even against our collective interests. The extent of our betrayal may be incalculable. But let us begin by correcting the record on some of the most urgent:

•    Government is not the enemy. Government is an institution capable of helping millions to a better life, and ours is the best on the planet. Ours bends to the will of the majority while protecting the minority. Our founding documents are alive and always adapting to our best interests, and are genius as a foundation for justice and balance. Republican party principles demand less bureaucracy but never the absence of governance.

•    Our political opposition are not our enemies. They are a necessary part of a healthy and vital constitution. We have betrayed our nation by demonizing dissent, particularly on a personal level without consideration of substance. The genius of our system is its reliance on loyal opposition and compromise.

•    President Obama is an honorable man, he is a fine American and his presidency has been good for the welfare of our country and our standing around the world. Our economy is stronger than expected under his stewardship, and would be stronger still if Republicans had worked with him instead of against him. We have in this way also shamefully put party before country.

•    Ours is the strongest military in the history of the world. Part of the genius of America is that civilians run the military, we do not have fighters choose our fights. War is always a last resort for the good of all mankind and our strength brings monumental responsibility. To use our military for aggression or profit is reprehensible.

•    The price we pay to aid the sick and feed the poor is negligible, aid to poor households often help our economy, and those profiting off our welfare system are institutional criminals and not the indigent. Our argument is with the corruption of noble undertaking, and not the undertaking itself. We have done a disservice to our people and our reputation by insisting otherwise.

•    Mixing religion and government is fatal to both. We have allowed these interests to cross in a craven attempt to gain money and power, by which we have disgraced our honor and failed our pledge of allegiance. Our commitment is to protect religion from our institutions, and our institutions from religion.

•    We have had two opposite economic policies since WWII. Keynesian economics, by which we collect a common fund to support independent growth created the largest and strongest economy in history. We have advocated for a generation a system which favored the wealthy over labor, and have duplicated an aristocracy the likes of which we revolted more than two centuries ago. Serious people can argue the relative merits of either system, but we have betrayed our founding principles by our intractability. Our nation deserves an honest compromise.

Every election is critical to the health of our union. Free and fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, and the free exchange of ideas the foundation of our liberty. Voting is a franchise of power, power to change and adapt, consolidation or restriction of that power is tyranny. We hope to continue being a part of that system, but can continue no more being a impediment for the love of fortune. We must become once again a country who advocates our positions from a common reality. It is to that end we ask you to reconsider the positions we have labored to create in bad faith. Absolutism and extremism is our only common enemy, let us begin a new day in its absence in hope of forming a more perfect union.

With great regret and apology,

Your Conservative Leadership.

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