Crime Spree

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Republicans always sound like they’re selling porn, partly because their behavior is disgusting to the common sensibilities of the average consumer.  As Justice Stewart said of obscenity in 1964, “…it is hard to define, but I know it when I see it”.  Everything is superlative in their hyperbole, the biggest this or the most exceptional that, you’ll never see a Republican surrogate state his position as the a stable compromise, good for all.

Which is why there’s no surprise in their monolithic response to the Supreme Court’s finding on the Affordable Care Act.  Not only will they reinvent the court’s finding, but they’ll collect millions of dollars lying about it.

The court identified the penalty for not buying insurance from an insurance company as constitutional because of Congress’s broad authority to tax.  The penalty for not having your own card is a tax.  The law says we all have to buy private insurance, and if we don’t we can be subject to a penalty, authorized under Congress’s authority to tax.  Many things in the Affordable Care Act are taxes.  One can make a good argument that health insurance is always a tax, and it’s long past time we reclaimed this authority from Blue Cross and Wellpoint.

This, however, will not be the Republican dissent.  The Republicans will call the entire law a tax, and will call it the largest tax increase in history.  This prediction, you understand, is well after the fact; this talking point is already echoing across the country.  Not to mention that it is not even close to accurate, which will not make a difference in the GOP’s campaign.

Chart of the largest tax increases in U.S. history.


More dangerous than ignorant is is the accompanying crime spree.  Millions of dollars will be collected from unwitting consumers based on an empirical falsehood.  People who put their trust in their chosen institution will be fleeced at the hands of these and other lies that continue to defraud an unsuspecting public.  Death panels, government takeover, rationing, increased taxes, these and other deliberate frauds will be broadcast, emailed, mailed, (which is an additional felony all on it’s own), and disseminated at large to gain money and station.  We have laws in America against these very acts, and they will not be enforced.  And the result, beyond the crimes in and of themselves, is a more polarized electorate, a civil war of hyperbole.


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