Fall of the GOP

Written by Cement Canary   // 02/08/2012   // 0 Comments

Can you hear the fiddle playing?  Christians set fire to your city and the party never stopped.  Your leadership is sold to the biggest cash and smallest minds, and has been for decades.  The Bush Dynasty, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Fox News… these leaders and figureheads are the worst of you.  Those who would succeed them are worse still.  Romney panders, Gingrich rages, Santorum clangs the bell of revolution on the back of a non-binding landslide the size of which wouldn’t keep a television game show on the air.  Your party is an international punch-line.  Dozens of millions of dollars are commandeered on a collection of premises that are indefensibly fraudulent.  If  this Presidential Campaign were a retail business it would be shuttered, and your management jailed.  Your conservative values are neither.

Your disdain is not for government it is for service.  Yours is the party of big government built on zero service.  The only service found in your big government are the caste of children who serve your military industry.  All others in your purview are subjugated to an onerous, regressive, restrictive social order.  This you laud as populist conservative bona fides, as much anathema to populism as to liberty itself.  So much so that you desperately assign animus to the monolithic corporation, the only constituency you advantage.

You are better than this.  Your leadership has failed you, your stock is crashing.  You need a bailout and restructuring like never before.  Ask.  It is all you need do.  If you were sick, you’d see a doctor, and if you were dying we’d all pitch in to help save your life.  It’s what we do, it’s who we are.  Your medicine, dear GOP, is to swallow a little ObamaCare, accept a bit of stimulus, take a small piece of the American Principle that you are too important a part of us to waste.  Reassign that most important qualifier to ‘opposition party’, the one you left behind and collectively dismissed: LOYAL.  You are to the other LOYAL OPPOSITION.  It is the founding principle that you constantly crow about.  Opposition loyal to the best interests of the whole.  Fealty to party above country is treason.  Knock it off.






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