Focus Certain Corruption

Written by Cement Canary   // 11/05/2011   // 0 Comments

We must DOUBLE the original census value of “ALL OTHERS”.

A common mistake in populist politics that would defeat corruption is allowing the corrupt to argue the point.  We need not dignify the existence of rampant corruption by parsing the finest points of unacceptable.  Let the obvious be obvious.  At the same time, we need not eliminate all corruption to clean us a big mess.

It is clear that corruption has no loyalty, no party, no home team.  It seeks money and power.   Equally clear is that inequality and disenfranchisement spoils our system.  We can focus or direct the natural occurring corruption of our system to a fine outcome, much like certain martial arts use one’s opponents own leverage as protection.

Article 1, Section II provides that for the purpose of representation a deciannual census will count us, and assign one representative per 30,000.  Our constitution calls for a count of all free people and 3/5th of all others.  The 14th amendment calls for equal representation, most importantly for those incorporated by the 13th.  Yet 19th century policies and attitudes continue to disenfranchise these individuals.  While a small minority of our population, African-Americans are overwhelmingly incarcerated, impoverished, unemployed and disregarded.  The 14th amendment is the right place to revalue the census.

When revised, the 14th amendment will endow African Americans a census value of 6/5th of a person, and afford each 1.2 votes per election.  Given the craven sensibilities of the political mean, pandering will be naturally redirected to communities heretofore most commonly ignored.  The benefits to will be experienced universally.  Balance by weight against leverage, a sensible means to equality.







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