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The State of The United States of America, 2012

In the United States today, wealth and power is concentrated. Every office and agency of government, every business in every industry, and every civil institution has been co-opted and reverse-engineered for the purpose of perpetually enhancing the wealth and power of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. Our government doesn’t represent us, our economy doesn’t serve us, our media doesn’t inform us, and none of our institutions do for us what we expect them to do. In the daily operations of government and business, dishonesty is the norm. The system – this plutocratic system – exists to serve a favored microminority at the expense of the vast majority of 300,000,000 Americans. The system is unfair. (more…)

Transitive Trayvon

War is our business and business is booming: The Bush Doctrine killed Trayvon Martin.

Hate radio is a political fact of life: Rush Limbaugh and Mike Malloy killed Trayvon Martin.

Church is to foster community, not hunger for power: Religion killed Trayvon Martin.

Reasoned and thoughtful compromise is the franchise of our leaders: The U.S. Congress killed Trayvon Martin.

The Founding Fathers held Africans as property: Conservative constitutionalism killed Trayvon Martin.

Every species on the planet protects their children: We all killed Trayvon Martin.

Silence Dogood has the Answers

Dear Silence Dogood,
I was recently at a protest in a large city.  It was one of the Occupation protests, you know the ones where the protesters try to get the companies that rule the country to stop gang raping us.  Well anyway, we were peacefully assembled in a place we were legally allowed to be, yet the cops came and arrested a bunch of us.  Here’s the thing, I wasn’t a protester! I was there as a reporter.  But still I was arrested.  Not only that, I was threatened with being labeled an enemy combatant and disappeared!  What gives? (more…)

Rally For Limbaugh

This is a general call for all progressive, liberal minded Americans to stand for the rights of a singular, minority citizen overrun by discrimination at the hands of an overzealous press.  Rush Limbaugh is a pornographer.  While the content of his art may be abhorrent to some, he has every right to produce it in America.  (more…)

Job Killing Taxes

We all agree with having tax rates that create jobs and stimulate the economy. Are these rates historical relics or modern institutions?

The good ‘ol days, the days Plutocrats love to romanticize, days of one-income families, safe streets, and public schools, were days of enormous tax rates. Rates banished since the Reagan Administration for being economically destructive.


Tax Sense

Nobody likes taxes, it’s a necessary evil. Tax politics in America is the same as women’s rights, if you don’t believe in abolishing everything, you must be in favor of the worst of it.  The tax code is onerous.  So is baseball.  The infield-fly rule in baseball legislates that specific runners on base cannot be tricked into forced outs if the ball flies into the infield.  Long before the ball comes down, the batter is out, the play is over.  Pretty intense government regulation interfering with the shortstop’s right to free enterprise.  Yet, since the rule’s inclusion in 1895, not a single congressional hearing has been empaneled in review.  This, while twice since 2005 congress has investigated the effect of player’s ingestion on the occurrence of the home run. (more…)

Senate Fails by Halfpenny

October 20, 2011: $35 billion to keep teachers, firefighters, and first responders on the job failed in the Senate on a 50-50 vote.  Tie-breaking votes in the upper house are anachronistic due to the Republican minority’s abuse of the filibuster, and this time the GOP leadership stated their moral objection to this legislation was that this bill would not increase the nation’s debt.  The money would be allocated to the States but not be borrowed, in a plan reprehensible to the Republican caucus as the payment plan for this bill would increase taxes on income over a million dollars per year by HALF A PENNY.

Federal income tax on yearly income over one million dollars would have increased 1/2 of 1 per cent.  First million, the important one, the “survival” million, no change.  The second million and more…HALF A PENNY.  If you happened to earn $1,000,001.00 this year you couldn’t pay it.  WE DON’T MINT A COIN SMALL ENOUGH.

The last time Americans traded in this denomination was 1854.  The President was Franklin Pierce, our 14th President.  President Pierce’s cousin was the great-great grandfather of Barbara Bush, whose son George W. was our 43rd President, whose disastrous stewardship of our economy causes us now to seek his great-great-great grandfather’s coin.

Senate Republicans, whose party base is evangelical Christians, would be wise to see the hand of their fearsome god in this bizarre coincidence and pass this bill.

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