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It’s what the Judge’s Bailiff told me when I fought the ticket a State Trooper wrote for blocking a highway crew while reading a letter the post office brought me from my congressman.

Still unsure if that is really true, I took the city bus to the local High School.  I didn’t drive because my car registration is not yet back from DMV.  The Principal’s clerk said I could visit a civics teacher if I would wait until the cafeteria staff were finished serving lunch.

Ultimately I explained how I missed finishing high school while locked in city jail, but I studied hard with the help of a couple of very involved jail guards, and passed the Government Equivalency Test, I had my G.E.D.  Still, I said, I wasn’t certain what to do at my polling place on election day because I hear that all jobs are private and Obama can’t do anything to help our country.  The nice lady told me that my vote was my own, a private and solemn franchise, and if her time in the military taught her anything it was that I should always try to be part of the solution.  I thanked her for her help, her time, and her service.  I left feeling better, but still not sure what the answer is about the government helping people get work, which I know is very important, particularly now.

I sat in the park for hours, watching the men and women who groom and manicure the grounds, which always calms me, and thought it over.  I’m still undecided, but I’m sure I’ll sort it out.



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