Knock-up the GOP

Written by Furious Johnson   // 03/15/2012   // 0 Comments

War is hell.  Republican lawmakers who swept to power masquerading as sober statesmen are blitzing the country with catastrophic legislation.  Their target is secular governance, their agenda is to brutalize women and children, their goal is absolute power.  Alfred Hitchcock once corrected the public record by insisting that he never said actors were like cattle.  “What I said was that actors should be treated like cattle.”  So too, do Republicans feel about American women.  The Grand Old Party is monolithically committed to see women as cattle.  Since 2010 more laws have passed in the States to reduce women’s autonomy than were passed in the 39 years since Roe v. Wade.  This revulsion of women is fueled by a very loud minority of religious zealots who wish to impose their sensibilities on the rest of us.  The Republican Party, in their insatiable hunger for power at the expense of all reason, have happily obliged.  In the guise of fetal personhood, your mother, your daughter, and your sister are being legislated into livestock.

This dogmatic impracticality must be met with practical reality.  It is time to call on all patriotic Americans to knock-up a GOP daughter.

Public opinion is the driving force of government and the GOP simply have too many disconnected followers.  The minority  who finance their wars are too rarely effected by their tactics.  Counter offensives are best crafted for hearts and minds.  Now is the time for all good men to woo a Republican daughter.

Take them at their word, contraception is bad for all people.  Build for them an army of zygotes to defend with the long arm of justice.  Race you young and horny men and teens, to the Statehouses and Chapels and Gated Communities, pluck from school and career these women as property and bless them with the true gift of defeating planned parenthood.  Fill the filthy pews with shiny babies, sanctify the floors of McMansions near and far with the patter of little feet, knock you boots for the cause of sane governance.  Seed the land, young Johnnies all, profligately procreate for populism.  Let’s see if those who get what they want, want what they get.  Perhaps this new generation will come to see their mothers and sisters as people.


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