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Donald Trump is losing. Trump is quick to recognize losing because he has a lifetime of experience. Most of his business endeavors have bust. He’s lost fortunes, salvaged only by bankruptcy liberalism and the pragmatism of those from whom he leveraged massive sums of money.

He is the boss’s kid, an idiot with influence, and as such always weaseled out of whatever misfortune he created. While attempting to personify his current protestations of self-control, Trump was exposed once again as an empty suit, incapable of coherence or substance. He looked suicidal restricting his true nature. Immediately Trump shifted to his lowest form. He made it back to the security of his controlled environment and began inciting a riot.

Trump has a natural affinity for the racist, nationalist, and misogynist, and his rhetoric is a rehash of Jim Crow politics. Having been once again exposed as a fraud, he chose to create a diversion, light the fire he’d been kindling all season. He increased the violent rhetoric he’d been spewing until it predictably boiled over in North Carolina, where a Trump-demographic-norm sucker-punched an innocent victim of Trump’s choosing. Then again in St. Louis Trump made certain to screen into his location the very detractors who would foment violence, and sure enough he encouraged a violent clash.

Next stop Chicago. Here, the candidate built his fire with logs of his racist base and plenty of protesters for accelerant. He mixed them until the heat rose, then he lit the match. He refused to take the stage and the result was obvious, people clashed.

So now Trump has an entirely different campaign to run. Nothing that is clearly beyond his intellect like policy or history, like a comprehensive platform or differences between his and other candidates ideas. Nothing left but his strong suit, the one he has been running his entire life; I’m a victim of my own shortcomings but tough, because my daddy can beat-up yours.

Whether he gets beat by the GOP or by the general election, rest assured he’ll get rich again by selling worthless pablum to his new found constituency. Get ready for Trump brand militia gear, it’ll be yuuugggge!





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