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“You’re so smart, let’s see you do it”, is a common children’s response to criticism, and with elected leaders behaving like 5 year-olds we think it may indeed be time.   Here then, with apologies to Alfred E. Neuman, are platform planks we’d like to see. Please participate in this noble effort to shape good policy.


Focus Certain Corruption

We must DOUBLE the original census value of “ALL OTHERS”.

A common mistake in populist politics that would defeat corruption is allowing the corrupt to argue the point.  We need not dignify the existence of rampant corruption by parsing the finest points of unacceptable.  Let the obvious be obvious.  At the same time, we need not eliminate all corruption to clean us a big mess. (more…)


Line Item Budget

Trickle-down economics has been a disaster in practice.  It has starved our economy for cash and eviscerated our tax base.  Maybe we used the concept incorrectly.  Instead of trickle-down taxing, let’s try trickle-down spending: free-market based government spending using a progressive tax system.  You are expected to trust Congress with the revenue, Congress can certainly trust you with the budget.

Here’s how: (more…)


Senate Point Spread

The US Senate has a point spread.  Effectively any opposition to an idea brought by the majority gets a 10 point spread.  Winning by less than 10 wins nothing.  General elections are under suspicion by the left and by the right.

Here’s a ready solution: (more…)

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