The State of The United States of America, 2012

Written by Dave O Connor   // 05/06/2012   // 0 Comments

In the United States today, wealth and power is concentrated. Every office and agency of government, every business in every industry, and every civil institution has been co-opted and reverse-engineered for the purpose of perpetually enhancing the wealth and power of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people. Our government doesn’t represent us, our economy doesn’t serve us, our media doesn’t inform us, and none of our institutions do for us what we expect them to do. In the daily operations of government and business, dishonesty is the norm. The system – this plutocratic system – exists to serve a favored microminority at the expense of the vast majority of 300,000,000 Americans. The system is unfair.

The unfairness of the plutocratic system is evident everywhere. Our political system is dominated by special interest groups. Our elections systems are unreliable and easy to manipulate. Good people are eliminated from the political process. The devious and deceitful prevail. Laws are drafted and policies enacted to favor a privileged constituency. Taxation and spending policies  favor that same privileged constituency. Our courts produce irrational judgments and our judges are increasingly susceptible to extra-judicial incentives. Our schools don’t educate us, and pursuing a college degree burdens way too many of us with lifelong debt and no true advantage in an increasingly unfair job market. Our healthcare system doesn’t keep us healthy and burdens the sick and injured with insurmountable debt. Our air, water, soil, food, and drinking water are contaminated. Our police departments are becoming more and more aggressive towards us.

Outside our borders, cooperation with foreign governments and international organizations is discouraged and the mistreatment of local populations is common. Our soldiers are constantly at war in places we can’t identify on a map, and when they come home physically or mentally injured, they are horribly underserved.

In every possible way, we are being mistreated. As workers, millions of us are out of work, and those who do have jobs are working twice as hard for less pay and dwindling benefit. We are losing our homes, our health, our families, and our livelihoods. As consumers, we see prices rising while product quality and service quality steadily deteriorate. As citizens we are being squeezed more and more out of the political process and denied any true sense of economic opportunity.

We are meant to be a democracy. We are meant to honor the rights of the individual and abhor the existence of a ruling class. We are meant to build political and economic structures that distribute wealth and power in a reasonably equitable manner. We are meant to create and maintain a republican form of government, a fair economy, and responsive civil institutions. We are meant to meet in groups, share ideas, deliberate the issues that impact our lives, and every so often we are meant to decide who among us is best suited to represent us on local, state, and national levels. Having failed to fulfill our promise as consumers, workers, voters, tax payers, and citizens, we have allowed a plutocracy to grow thick around us. We are meant to be free and independent people yet we are firmly in the grip of a class of economic elites.

The wrong people are running our government. The wrong people are running our banks and our industries. The wrong people are running our courts, media, schools, hospitals, police, and military. This is the state of the United States today.

The question is, what are we going to do about it?


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